This detail is simply amazing.
And amazingly simple.

At the mouth of the mute there is an adjustable wheel which allows you to adjust or close off the air supply as you wish. The precise mechanism of the wheel clicks audibly with every adjustment, enabling you to find your desired setting easily and exactly. This is particularly helpful if you want to achieve an even more gradual volume minimisation with the practice mute. This adjustment mechanism means you can reliably set your ideal position. When the wheel is closed, the Vhizzper functions as a mouthpiece mute.

Rutschfeste Gummiringe sorgen bei nahezu alle Schallbecherformen für einen festen Halt des Dämpfers und eine damit sich verändernde Intonation

Be the Lord of the Rings with the Vhizzper

In order to ensure that your Vhizzper fits perfectly into a variety of trumpet bells, one or more rings can be removed. With all 5 rings in place, the mute is designed for large trumpet bells. The smaller the bell, the fewer rings required, and the unnecessary rings can be removed one by one. The same applies to the regulation of intonation. The deeper the Vhizzper sits in the bell, the higher the intonation.