Sound from the trumpet is reduced to a minimum, so that the sound impact on your environment is minimised.

The mouthpiece can also be inserted directly into the mute, thus enabling you to retain the highest levels of professionalism in all training situations.

Your Vhizzper mute is available in three colours to suit your style and personality.

Vhizzper - the mute that does more than just mute

Whether you're rehearsing or preparing for a big performance, your success depends primarily on your approach and how well you train your lips. 

This requires a lot of practice sessions - regardless of where you are. Often, you will not have a soundproofed practice room and will either have to rely on a mute or focus on buzzing.


First and foremost, the Vhizzper is a practice mute that greatly reduces the volume of your instrument. In addition, musicians find its air resistance pleasant, and the air flow is also optimal. Intonation remains almost unchanged, unlike when using many other mutes. If the mouthpiece is inserted directly into the mute, it also functions as an excellent mouthpiece mute.